Saturday, August 23, 2014

dog restaurant by Philippe Charron

Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!

Philippe has sent another amazing entry to be featured on the Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project.

The postage became part of the steam cloud over the cooking pot. (whoa.)

The canine chef is wearing Crocs, I think. Like any chef would.
(Don't expect this chef to be different just because he's a dog!)

I don't think it shows well in the photos, but the knife, stove, and inside the pot are all metallic silver. Nice.

And the back was not neglected.

This was well-executed and very clever.  :)
Thanks, Philippe!


  1. Philippe sends such great mail art - lucky you!

    I wonder if he's going to send you one for each face in your set?

    Also, the use of the stamp is pure genius, even without the rest.