Tuesday, August 12, 2014

matchy matchy Monday - neon coral ink from Lamy...compared to a pink Sharpie

 Don't worry, guys. I'm not going to start doing ink reviews regularly here. Although I might write some stuff up in color if I think it matches something else.  :)
 The colors are totally off in these photos! Oh well. You sort of get the idea.

 Like any sane person who owns the neon coral Lamy fountain pen, I wanted to know how well their ink cartridge matched their pen.
It's a nice color of ink, but it doesn't have the same "glow" that the pen does.
On the other hand, I am pretty sure that for the ink to glow, it would fluoresce under black light, and at that point it is pretty much a highlighter ink. And probably really difficult to read.
So I guess they did as well as they could without actually making an unreadable highlighter ink.  :P
(So difficult to please people who love bright colors.)
Someday soon, I'm going to try some other inks to see if I can find a happier match for this pen.
(Diamine Coral and Diamine Flamingo Pink are on my list of possibilities.)

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