Wednesday, July 23, 2014

circus bears from Philippe Charron

First of all, BEARS.
Second of all, CIRCUS.
We don't really need an in-depth exploration about why I love this piece.

Sooooooo many bears!

The red, gold, and brown color palette is very nice.

This makes me want to find out what other treasures I missed at the French post office.
(I saw a lot of cool postage while I was there, but tried not to look too hard because it would drive me crazy.)

The flip side was not neglected!

My bear had to come out and play!
(It seems she has a lot of new friends, now. And one of them is very well-dressed.)

Many thanks to Philippe, for his artwork!


  1. This is extremely excellent. Have you gotten yourself some of the circus themed stamps at the USPS lately?

  2. Philippe Charron is amazing, those French stamps are amazing, and your anthropomorphic mail art project continues to be amazing.

    Also, Taco lying on that chair is amazing - how can any of that be comfortable to a cat???