Monday, July 28, 2014

matchy matchy monday - neon yellow and silver

Am I cheating if I just put together two of my favorite colors?


First up in my silly showcase is this adorable silver, perforated zip case. It's made by Crabtree and Evelyn, and I suspect that it came free with some kind of purchase, because my mom just gave it to me for no apparent reason.
It holds pens really nicely, though, so no complaints here! I'm on the verge of getting seven Pilot Varsity "disposable" fountain pens, so I think they'll probably live in this case, like one big happy family.
Disposable is in quotes because if you own a pair of pliers and a big rubber band and some ink, you can refill these pens pretty easily. Learn how to do that here, at this blog I've spent hours reading.

Ahh, the aforementioned pens. A silver Pilot Metropolitan with a zig zag design, and a Zebra H301 highlighter. I love them both. The highlighter comes with an ink cartridge, which you can buy more of (sucker) or craftily refill with an ink of your choice with the aid of a syringe (winner).  I refilled mine with Noodler's Firefly. Of course, I am digging the silver and yellow color combo on the highlighter.
The Pilot Metropolitan is possibly the best fountain pen ever, and I recommend it to anybody who just caught the fountain pen bug.

I'm sorry, are those two pens leaning on a crazy pair of sneakers?
Those sneakers started off white...then I painted parts of them neon yellow. Oh, and added silver wings, of course.  They're called "shwings" and I felt like silver was the appropriate nod to Mercury. 
I think he would approve.

Yeah, I had to paint the shoelaces, too. For pop. For contrast. For the love of neon yellow.
'Cause they look damn good.

That is the bottom of the highlighter. And my nails are painted neon yellow now, too.

ALL THE THINGS! Okay, just all the things in neon yellow and silver.

I hope I made your day extra SHINY.


  1. Hoooooly shiiiiit those shoes are completely utterly the coolest shoes I've ever seen! I'm in love with them!

    1. You could totally do that, too! White canvas sneakers + neon acrylic paint + shwings in your favorite color = totally awesome shoes.

  2. Yellow and silver look incredible together, and I can't even handle how cool you made those shoes. You're the best.

  3. I just bought some plain white canvas hi tops for 8 pounds and greeny blue schwing! I'm gonna paint the sneakers a bright purple and the laces orange. They are gonna be amaaazing!