Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taco Tuesday - uncomfortable chair

Taco uses chairs in new and inventive ways.
Sometimes this results in an abrupt landing on the ground.
This time he was safe, if only because he started out on the floor.
I was only mildly concerned he might choke himself.

It reminds me of a hammock.

Maybe this would be more comfortable if I stretch out.

Super Cat. He flies very low to the ground.

Maybe I can wiggle into a better spot.

Chair rung pillow! Success!

This is when he gets a crick in his neck.

Very imposing.

Welcome to my kitty lair. I lure unsuspecting kittens here, and brainwash them to do my bidding.



  1. What a wonderful series of pictures! I've seen some interesting chair poses but Taco takes the prize for most unique!

  2. HAHAH. I'm so glad you captured this.