Wednesday, July 30, 2014

French cats!

 Uh, so we went to France. For our honeymoon. And we took a bunch of pictures of cats.
 These cats were in Niolon.

 We didn't even realize his eyes were different colors until we saw the photo!
 This cat meowed approximately once every three seconds on the entire train ride from Marseilles to Aix.

 This is French Taco. I sent our Taco a postcard about how we were going to live in France forever, and hang out with this Taco look-alike.
 This is like "Where's Waldo?"
 French Taco is soooo cute.
 This shop is in the Montmartre section of Paris. Lots of cat paintings!
 French Taco, snoozing in the front garden of the house we rented.

 Some cat art, covering the wall in a restaurant where we had dinner.
 This cat was super chill. Most of the other cats would run away.
 But he's got an itchy face.
In Niolon, this cat is king of the minivan.


  1. Squeeeee! So many kitties! I wanna hug em and squeeze em. Well done on capturing so many cats. Another stellar blog post. You need to mail me some of your blogging inspiration and motivation. Or at least gimme some tips..

  2. If this honeymoon of cats is any indication of your future, you are going to have a long and happy marriage.